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The inspiring photographer

I once heard the story of a man who loved photography so much that he made it his life ambition to be the best photographer he could be so that he could inspire others with his art. He was doing well, until he developed an allergy to almost all the chemicals he used to process his photos. Depressed, empty, and sick, he had to stop making the art he loved. Then one day the digital camera came into the world, and he found himself falling in love with photography all over again. With the push of a button and the stroke of a few keys, he could capture the world like he used to and see the beauty within it. Isn’t it amazing how technology can bring art back to the artist and life back into their souls? And isn’t it amazing how art becomes so much a part of someone’s being that, when they can no longer create it, they feel dead inside? Art is so much more powerful than many people perceive it to be, and for me, it literally is my soul.

Thoughts of an artist

There are two very important things I have learned from being an art major, and I’m going to share these thoughts with you:

One of the most important things is the ability to improvise. As an artist, sometimes I have encountered unexpected situations which have challenged me to think beyond what I thought was possible, and sometimes I had to make these decisions within seconds or minutes. Improvisation/ innovation is key. There is a saying that goes “If nothing goes right, go left.” If what you want to come out isn’t the end product, try something else and embrace that challenge. It serves to make you a better artist and a better problem solver.

Secondly, NEVER WASTE TIME COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHER ARTISTS. It’s so easy to fall into this trap when surrounded by so much talent. You look at such good work and think, “I am not this good. I’m not good enough. I never will be at this level.” Quit lying to yourself. You are good. In fact, YOU ARE GREAT. You have a unique set of talents, skills, and ideas that no one else has. Comparing yourself to someone else is like trying to fit another mold that isn’t you. You have a vision that this other artist doesn’t, and they have a vision you don’t, as well. Everyone is different. Instead of trying to compare and copy, use your time to grow and create something new, something unexpected.

Also, if someone thinks you are wasting time being an art major, just ignore them. In my experiences facing this misconception, I have found that the person questioning your career will not really care what you have to say, and that’s fine because they don’t matter either.

Good day :)


Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadows!!!

LOVE them.


Audacious Asphalt - silver, metallic
Bad to the Bronze - bronze, metallic
Bold Gold - shimmery, medium-dark gold
Edgy Emerald - teal/aqua shimmer
Fierce and Tangy - tangerine orange, satin
Painted Purple - violet purple, shimmer 
Pomegranate Punk - dark red/burgundy, shimmer
Tenacious Teal - medium-dark blue/silver shimmer
Too Cool - white, metallic
Tough as Taupe - mauve-tinted fray 

i have 4 of them :) need to get the rest

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